Seba Construction

Shaping Lives for 28 years…

Since its establishment, Seba Construction has been producing value, not buildings, with numerous high-end projects in property development, tourism and the business world. The company has realised projects bearing the signature of internationally renowned architects and engineers, which evokes admiration through their style and their use of modern technology coupled with an approach that does not compromise on quality.

Seba Construction continues to deliver modern, luxurious and privileged lifestyles with its projects, spanning all over the country with a special focus on Istanbul. The development of Seba Reserve, one of its most prestigious projects, offers a philosophy for life, far beyond a residential project, within the heart of nature and in the most eye-catching neighborhood of Göktürk.


İki design group was established in 1995 by Murat Kader and Sema Eser Özsaruhan as an architecture and design platform. Since that date, the group has been contributing to modern architecture in Turkey. İki design group addresses a holistic design understanding and forges a multidisciplinary working environment where individual capabilities compliment and energize each other.

The team holds the belief that delivering better buildings and spaces to society has a direct influence on the happiness of its people. The group is dedicated to develop dynamic and interactive spaces that are sensitive to their cultural background and environmental conditions. Seba Reserve is designed as a timeless development adhering to all aspired goals.

The ultimate aim is to enrich social life by sharing ideas, knowledge and imagination. The journey of the Seba Reserve design process has remained true to these principles and established a modern communication with its environment and society. Being a part of this exclusive project, spending time together, breathing together, will always be special.